Sales Forecasting Methods

To make accurate revenue predictions  Teaching sales staff how to accurately forecast sales is one of the most crucial steps in accurately forecasting sales. A forecast is essential in order to accurately forecast sales. Forecasts …

To make accurate revenue predictions 

Teaching sales staff how to accurately forecast sales is one of the most crucial steps in accurately forecasting sales. A forecast is essential in order to accurately forecast sales. Forecasts must be based on realistic assumptions. Sales are the foundation. 

It is impossible for a business to make a forecast, then go out on the market and purchase a product. To make a forecast that is successful, there are steps you need to take. Forecasts are more than just a collection of numbers. They can be used to help you make a purchase.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could predict your company’s revenue? Even if you aren’t an expert, you know it can be difficult. We have 8 methods to help you predict your company’s revenue. 

It is just as important to get a precise sales estimate as it to reach the revenue goal. There are so many sales forecasting methods to choose from. How can you decide which one will give you the best results? 

CSO Insights estimates that 60% of transactions never close. According to statistics, 25% of sales managers are not satisfied with their forecast accuracy. The right forecasting method can make a significant difference in your ability to predict future revenue. 

This article will discuss three sales forecasting methods HubSpot has found to work well. We have found that combining all three of these techniques gives us the best results. 

While I will give you a brief overview of each technique, I recommend that you test them and adapt them to your business model before you implement them with your employees.

What are the three types of sales forecasting methods?

Forecasting relies on data. The data is used to forecast future sales. An estimate of sales is only as accurate as the data upon which it is based. Forecasting professionals use three types of sales forecasting methods when forecasting sales. The forecasting method is determined by the type of data used to predict demand. These are the three types of sales forecasting methods: 

  • Qualitative research methods
  • Analyse and projection of time-series
  • Causation models

Qualitative data is used in the qualitative analysis. Time series analysis focuses more on patterns and their changes. The causal model is built on detailed and exact knowledge of system element interactions. 

Due to the different methods used, it is impossible to use the same method to predict sales.

Time series analysis that relies on past data might not be able to predict the future of a product without history. 

What are the general functions of these three types of sales forecasting techniques? 

#1. Qualitative Methodologies

Qualitative sales forecasting is used when data is scarce. For example, qualitative sales forecasting methods can be used when introducing a new product on the market. It is difficult to predict the future without knowing a lot about the product. 

The methods use human judgement and grading systems to convert qualitative data into quantitative estimates. The goal of the method is to combine all the information and judgments about the variables being analyzed logically and methodically. 

Qualitative methods can be used when market acceptance and penetration rates of a product are not clear. They may be used in new technological areas where many innovations are required to develop a product. 

  • These are five qualitative techniques. 
  • Consensus reached by the panel

Panel consensus is the simplest method and is used mainly by businesses to predict the future. This method is based upon the belief that a group consisting of experts in different fields may be able to make better predictions than one individual. The method is open to all specialists and there is no secret. 

Method of Delphi

The Delphi method uses surveys and questionnaires to forecast future sales. The Delphi method aims to predict the probability of certain events and the timeframe they will occur. Like the panel consensus procedure and Delphi, the Delphi approach requires experts and a Delphi coordinator. 

Technique for combining Salesforce data

The company wants its salespeople be able to make predictions using the sales force combination method. Sales representatives should have direct contact with customers and other stakeholders throughout the distribution chain. They will be able to better understand the product’s needs. 

Buyer’s expectations

This sales forecasting method involves surveying purchasing intentions and market intentions. You can conduct a survey on purchasing intentions by selecting a group of potential customers to ask about their future plans for buying the goods. The data are then used to extrapolate the overall demand prediction.