What is Sales Enablement?

Sales enablement can be described as a process that helps businesses become more productive by using agile selling techniques. Every business needs sales enablement. Sales enablement must be not only implemented but also managed properly. 

Sales is an important aspect of any company, no matter where you work. Sales enablement, which is part of the sales process, aims to increase your sales team’s productivity and performance by providing tools, training and support. 

The term sales enablement has become a buzzword within the B2B technology sector. Through effective sales processes, sales enablement tools and other sales methods, sales enablement helps clients deliver value.

To see what selling on steroids looks and feels like, check out the best sales enablement programs. There will be a dynamic environment with many factors increasing, such as revenue, productivity and win rates, as well as many things decreasing, such as speed to revenues, sales cycle time, customer turnover and staff attrition. 

Sales enablement can be a rollercoaster ride that drives sales teams to their peak performance and customers to build loyalty to your brand. 

Aberdeen found that the following characteristics were associated with businesses that have effective Sales Enablement initiatives: 

  • 32 percent increase in team sales quota achievement,
  • Performance of individual quotas improved by 24%
  • The conversion rate for lead increased by 23%

Moreover, 75% of companies that use sales enablement technology report an increase in sales over the past year. Nearly 40% of these businesses reported increases of 25% or greater. Wales Enablement roles were also a key factor in 59 percent of the businesses that exceeded their sales goals (72% by 25% or more). This claim is only possible for 30% of companies that are underperforming. 

It is clear that sales enablement has a strong and wide-reaching impact on company performance. This means it is not an option. It’s essential for survival, growth, and success in today’s market. You can find out more about sales enablement by reading my book Sales Enablement 3.0. 

This tutorial will cover all aspects of Sales Enablement. 

  • Definition of sales enablement
  • Framework for Sales Enablement
  • The Five Steps to Sales Enablement
  • Software and tools for sales enablement
  • KPIs & Metrics to Enable Sales
  • The Best Practices in Sales Enablement
  • How to Get Started with Sales Enablement: The Key Takeaways

What is sales enablement?

Sales enablement is the provision of tools, information and tactics to help your sales team succeed. Good sales enablement content and tools place a lot of emphasis on the customer. This allows sales reps to target the right customers and increase engagement by providing pertinent information. 

After twenty years of successful sales training, productivity, enablement, and other positions, I have reduced my definition to this: 

Sales enablement is about getting the right people in the right conversations and with the right decision-makers in the right way. We simplify Sales Enablement by creating repeatable and scalable processes that result in tangible concepts that increase revenue. 

All it boils down is increasing productivity through a systematic approach to content support that generates higher income. It is important to measure, monitor, and report on the return on investment that you or your team generates for the business. Isn’t that simple? If it seems that simple, I would like to show you a “respected” bridge in San Francisco.

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